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2020-05-06 11:20

Portugal declared the end of the State of Emergency and the routine of the Portuguese can return shortly to normal. The first step given starts this Monday (4th), some establishments up to 100m2 are able to reopen and receive a limit of five people at a time. The use of masks for both the client and the employee are obligatory, without exception. The next step will be on the 18th of May, others will return to function (being able to receive up to half of the capacity total), some schools and kindergartens also. Finally, the final step on the 1st of June, the government buildings will reopen, malls, and restaurants larger than 400m2 can open their doors, cinemas, theaters, and auditoriums also, however their capacities will always be reduced and the use of masks will continue to be obligatory in all the steps.

We at Frutas Valente & Valente Lda, will function as normal, you can continue to make your purchases with quality and comfort, without having to lose time in lines or trips leaving the house.

We remind our customers that we still need to take precautions like: washing our hands frequently, using masks and maintaining a safe distance from others. Other important factors include maintaining a strong immune system, and for this, good nutrition is extremely important, drinking enough water and ingesting fruits and vegetables daily, will help you to combat Corona Virus.

You can find these items on our store online. We look forward to your visit.

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